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  One-on-one Coaching  

Choose your preferred programme

   This isn't a quick fix or a one time script   

This is designing your own unique parenting journey by
learning how to:

Support your child through big transitions: such as starting school, transitioning to a big kid bed, having another baby, saying bye-bye to the pacifier, moving houses, traveling to another country etc.  

Find your calm during tantrums & respond with connection instead of punishment

Teach life lessons through play

Set clear boundaries
based on your own family values

Communicate consciously with your child and loved ones

Parent with research based strategies that stem from Attachment Science, Nervous System Science, Brain Science & Emotional Intelligence

Apply tools that help you validate and process your emotions, as well as your child's

Gain awareness around unintentional generational parenting patterns

Start investing in yourself to find your inner confidence and thrive on your parenting journey.

You have it in you! Let's unpack it together.

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